About Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre

Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre is a not-for-profit community based neighbourhood centre that has operated at 36 Sharland Rd, Corio since July 1980. The Centre was established by the Shire of Corio (this was the local Government prior to amalgamation into the City of Greater Geelong), and was originally part of a hub that included Rosewall Primary School and Rosewall Kindergarten. Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre became an incorporated association in 1989 and has since been managed by a Committee of Management from the Community and User Groups of the Centre.

As well as the Sharland Rd site, Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre is responsible for the management of the Hendy St Hall.  The hall is booked at a subsidised rate, on a casual or regular basis, for community classes and gatherings.  Hendy St Hall also provides Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre with the capacity to offer more activities or courses

Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre is a registered Learn Local, which means we are funded by the Department of Education through the Adult and Community Further Education (ACFE) Board to deliver education programmes that pathway onto further education or employment.  Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre has 4 ongoing part time staff, approximately 9 contract and casual staff and approximately 30 volunteers. More details about our structure and programs can be found in the annual report http://www.rosewallnc.org.au/about/publications

Our vision for what we will See, Hear and Feel in two years time is: 

People working together Focused and achieving our potential Being inclusive, welcoming and diverse

Our Strategies to achieve this are:

People better knowing what we do and can offer at the centre

Potential participants finding us accessible physically, psychologically and emotionally

We offer an environment for all to build personal (and collective) capacity

We have a really good understanding of our community

We are unified in our purpose

The projects we will implement within these strategies are:

(We will allocate a budget) Start an advertising/promotion plan

We will measure class worth (in more criteria) than money and numbers

We will (allocate time and resources to) keep friendly staff

We will stop making assumptions (and do more to understand our local community)

We will do more planning to identify who to do things and how

We will keep an eye out (spend time researching) for grants

(Allocate time and resources to) Ensure we keep the youth group continues